Non Medical Transportation

Non Medical Transportation in Sunrise, Florida

Non Medical Transportation
At Superb Care, Inc. we offer to and from transportation to help seniors get to their appointments with the doctor. We also ensure safe transport for seniors around town as well as assist in shopping and errands.

Old age does not have to rob your loved ones from catching fun due to the fact that they can’t drive anymore or do not have any vehicle. We offer enjoyable companionship and safe escort for your seniors at religious services, charity and social functions, cultural and arts programs, as well as their best sports events. Your dad can also continue to attend the social club while your mom can continue to have her salon trips every month. We ensure they can continue this till they are no more interested.

You can also get these services from our Companions at our Non-Medical Home Care Agency in Sunrise, Florida:

  • Going to the post office and bank
  • Picking up or dropping off laundry
  • Getting items from the pharmaceutical store including prescriptions
  • Purchase goods from the supermarkets
  • Run errands.

Do not miss Appointments

  • Physical Therapy
  • Appointments with doctor
  • Appointments with hairstylists


  • Get new shoes, clothes
  • Shop for a wedding gift
  • Purchase card for a unique event
  • Holiday presents
  • Get birthday present for a loved one

Life Enrichment/Social Events Activities

  • Regular meetings at the social club
  • Religious services including synagogue and church
  • Going to a local festival or park
  • Visiting preferred restaurants
  • Going to sport events, museum and theater
  • Going with friends for lunch
  • Other important engagements and events

And much more, just ask. Call our friendly staff at the Non-Medical Home Care Agency in Sunrise, Florida for details at 1866-7-SUPERB

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Our team is composed of Companions, Homemakers, Sitters, Home Care Aides, CNAs, and LPNs

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