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The concierge services of Superb Care, Inc. offer unique opportunities, activities and special events for you and your loved one so as to make your life more exciting. At our Non-Medical Home Care Agency in Sunrise, Florida, we have elite caregivers that are well selected from various backgrounds which our clients can request to serve as their concierge if they decide to attend charitable events, cultural events or when they decide to have a lovely evening.

They also help in staying with your loved ones if they should need help with entering or coming out of the care, or they want to make use of the restroom. They are professionals in this task and thus, know how to add more flavor to your evening. Apart from the direct services they offer to you, they also have lovely skills in communication, proper etiquette and are fashion conscious. Most of them have worked in different fields for several years and have thus, being where you are and know exactly just what you need.

Other arrangements such as getting reservations, schedules coordination, tickets purchase as well as event planning can be carried out by these senior concierge caregivers. They can inform you about great idea events on the calendar of the community as well as unique activities your aged loved one will love.

We offer various Concierge Services at our Non-Medical Home Care Agency in Sunrise, Florida to make you comfortable.

  • Help with special family reunion and gathering or outdoor dinner.
  • Make transport arrangement.
  • Accompany on a trip out of town to visit friends or family.
  • Help with clothing, gifts from personal shopping or grocery shopping.
  • Taking your pets on care and grooming appointments.
  • Help you arrange manicure, pedicure or therapeutic massage.
  • Follow you to the spa.
  • Going to your preferred restaurant for lunch.
  • Following you to a lovely waterfront location where you can enjoy the weather of Florida.
  • Go to a favorite organization charitable event or ceremony held to honor a person.
  • Arrange for museums, charity event, theater event, play and symphony attendance.
  • Schedule reservations for dinner, family vacations, tickets purchasing for you and also following you around during the entire duration of the event.

Call our Non-Medical Home Care Agency in Sunrise, Florida today at 1866-7 SUPERB to learn more about our concierge services. Schedule an appointment Today!

Travel Coordination Services

At Superb Care, Inc., We offer concierge coordination services for seniors to travel. These include going out to a location, important social and family functions, family and loved ones visit as well as assist and escort. All your arrangement for concierge travel will be taken care of. We would accompany you all through your trip, while helping you with security.

We ensure you and your family have a nice and safe trip! It can be difficult traveling, especially for aged individuals who have issues with movement or other health problems. Our escort services for travel are planned in such a way that we watch out for problems that might come up and make preparations on time to avoid accidents. We will stay as close as possible all through the trip and ensure you are comfortable. Our certified nursing assistants and home health aides have aided client in moving to an area where they are closer to other members of their family as well as followed clients to vacations, family reunions and local events.

Relocation Services

Do you have an aged dad or mom who needs to relocate to a new apartment, condo or home?

Do you want to assist your old loved ones to go back home?

We can help you out of this confusion and stress through our relocation services at Superb Care, Inc. We can help with all your concierge needs for relocation including loading and unloading to clearing and cleaning of items that are not needed. We also help in goods arrangement in your new home. We would ensure that everything is well arranged and your senior parent can securely and safely relocate to the new location. We also try to ensure they are as comfortable as possible.

Superb Care, Inc. services for relocation help aged people relocate to the community they wish to spend the rest of their lives after retiring, a new house or caregivers arranged by their family. We help with overall organization of the house, downsizing and giving relocation services and escort.

We will be glad to help you know more about our relocation services for seniors. For more details, feel free to contact us today.

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