Superb Strategy: Helping Prevent Sibling Tiff Through Collective Sibling Agreement

Delegating the care of our loved one to a caregiver from an outside health care provider guarantees tension for the family members. We don’t run out of what-if questions as we welcome the person we don’t know about to our … Continue reading

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Our Mark: Matching Your Loved One’s Needs And Personality With The Right Caregiver

There’s always something about a name. And we at Superb Care, Inc. don’t call our health care agency superb for nothing. We are proud of that name, we stand by it and we collectively give face to it through our … Continue reading

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Importance of Transitional Care for Your Senior

Transitional care helps in enhancing independence following a hospital stay. This allows patients to return to their house rather than to a long-term care facility. It is offered for a limited amount of time, often from two days to many … Continue reading

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How the Zika Virus Affects Senior People?

The world has been talking about the Zika virus affecting pregnant women and newborns; however, not so much about senior people. The great news is that adults who are not pregnant, the virus is usually more of a nuisance than … Continue reading

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Three Tips For Seniors Who Are Still Physically and Socially Active

We love active seniors. Seniors who, despite their age, can still manage to go about their daily activities, meet up with friends, have lunch with families, and pursue a few hobbies are indeed aspirational. When you are a family member … Continue reading

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