What Your Seniors Need: A hobby & some good company

Let’s face it, being left alone at home could be a bore. Even more true for the once free-spirited young lad/ lass. As often as you would like to keep your seniors company, it just is not possible anymore. Being … Continue reading

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3 Health Benefits of Socialization

We come into this world with so many needs as biological organisms. As we grow up and learn things around us, it is inevitable that we are being molded into social beings based on what we acquire from the culture … Continue reading

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Choosing a Caregiver: 3 Tips To Consider

There are many people who have health conditions that impair them from doing daily activities one way or another. That is why personal assistance is very much needed today. The role of caregiver support has been widely recognized as significant … Continue reading

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Caregiver Problems: Is it Stress or Burnout?

When you give care to a person, may it be a loved one or a stranger, it can be super rewarding. You cannot exchange the smiles and comfort your patient/s give you for anything in the world. Plus, the compliments … Continue reading

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Caregiver Tips: Preventing Caregiver Stress

Being a caregiver requires you to do awesome work. We assist our patients with their daily living, provide comfort and ease to their family members, and most of all, give companionship to sad and isolated elders. But just like any … Continue reading

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